James Emery White: Christ Among the Dragons

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Published on 08/29/2010

J. Warner Wallace talks about how to make a case for Christianity, Christ Among the Dragons with James Emery White, evaluating the evidence for the non-canonical gospels, then takes calls on how to start developing an apologetics curriculum for college students, the whole New Testament being a fraud, and more.


  • Commentary: How to Make a Case for Christianity?
  • Guest: James Emery White - Christ Among the Dragons
  • Commentary: Evaluating the Evidence for the Non-Canonical Gospels
  • How would you start developing an apologetics curriculum for college students?
  • The whole New Testament is a fraud.
  • What should the Christian reaction be to Glenn Beck’s (a Mormon) calling for spiritual renewal?
  • We don’t have the original manuscripts of the New Testament so we can’t know if it’s accurate.
  • Mark 16 is about people who are snakes.
  • How do we communicate the Christian worldview to unbelievers?
  • Am I a Christian?