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James Boccardo, Unsilenced: Giving Voice to the Gospel

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Published on 07/09/2013

Guest Host: J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace discusses Unsilenced: Giving Voice to the Gospel with James Boccardo, then talks about jumping the hurdles to sharing the gospel, why students leave the faith, and more.


  • Guest: James Boccardo—Unsilenced: Giving Voice to the Gospel (00:00:00)
  • Commentary: Jumping the Hurdles to Sharing the Gospel (01:00:11)
  • Commentary: John Shelby Spong’s Presuppositions (01:08:15)
  • How do you reconcile perseverance of the saints and people who fall away? (01:21:43)
  • How do you answer emotional objections to the Gospel? (01:39:37)
  • Commentary: Why Students Leave the Faith (02:00:11)
  • How do you cultivate contentment with God’s will? (01:50:32)
  • More God, less crime? (02:22:23)
  • Simonry - Using Christianity for twisted purposes (02:43:07)
  • What is the Biblical ethic of our responsibility to creation? (02:45:16)