J.P. Moreland Responds to “What Caused God?”

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 03/23/2017

In this brief video, J.P. Moreland responds to the objection “What caused God?”

The problem is that the question “What caused God?” is what philosophers call a category fallacy.... [It’s] like the question “How many inches long is the note C?” or “What is the smell of the color red?” Those are category fallacies....

You can only ask that question [“Who or what made X?”] of Xs that are by definition makeable things. So I could ask, “What made the planet Earth?” because the earth is something that could be made....

Now, given that the very concept of God is an uncreatable Creator of everything, the question “Who made God?” turns out, then, to be this question: “Who was it that made something which by definition is unmakeable?” ... That’s an incoherent question.

Dr. Moreland then goes on to explain why this isn’t an arbitrary definition of God. Watch the rest below. (For more on this topic, see “Who Created God?”)

(HT: Justin Taylor)