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Islam’s Real Record

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Published on 11/13/2005

Greg talks about Islam’s real record, if the Holy Spirit can work when we closer our minds, then takes calls on if Christology is a helpful hermeneutic tool, authoritative passages in the Koran, how the mind is related to the soul, and more.


  • Commentary: Islam’s Real Record
  • Commentary: Can the Holy Spirit Work When We Close Our Minds?
  • Is Christology a helpful hermeneutic tool?
  • Authoritative passages in the Koran.
  • How is the mind related to the soul?
  • Jesus taught pacifism.
  • What is the purpose of some odd Old Testament passages?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of postmodernism?
  • Avoiding the naturalistic fallacy.
  • Responding to questions by a Sikh.
  • Was the Trinity invented 300 years after Jesus?