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Islam and Pro-life

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Published on 08/13/2013

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about Islam and pro-life, worldviews and value in action, how same-sex marriage hurts others, and more.


  • Commentary: Islam and Pro-life (00:00:00)
  • How can souls be eternal if they’re created? (00:25:45)
  • Is praying in public a prohibition of the Sermon on the Mount? (00:29:26)
  • Why do you believe in material things? (00:43:30)
  • Commentary: Worldviews and Values in Action (01:00:10)
  • Which is more important - truth or peace in a relationship? (01:19:27)
  • How does same-sex marriage hurt others? (01:31:53)
  • How do you apply God not speaking to us? (02:00L10)
  • Are you spiritual or religious? (02:20:24)
  • What did the Jesus Movement stand for? (02:27:20)
  • How do you respond to Christians who vote for politicians who support same-sex marriage and abortion? (02:40:58)
  • Can morals evolve? (02:45:28)