Is the Bible Full of Contradictions?

Author Tim Barnett Published on 05/11/2016

“The Bible is full of contradictions!” We hear it all the time from skeptics and atheists as if it’s common knowledge. But is it true?

I’ve devoted the last few months to answering this question. What I have discovered is that many alleged contradictions arise because an unfair standard, or false expectation, is applied to the Bible. Most modern readers just assume that the biblical authors wrote like we do today in the twenty-first century. Consequently, they end up applying a twenty-first century standard to an ancient document. This is a gross mistake. In fact, most claims of Bible contradictions stem from the reader misunderstanding, and even misrepresenting, the author’s intent. The alleged contradictions stem from the reader, not the author.

Some of these false expectations include:

  1. Selection (or omission) of certain facts is a denial of other facts.
  2. If something is accurate, then it must also be precise.
  3. Ordering of events must always be chronological.
  4. Time compressing events of a story is errant.
  5. Mysteries in the Bible are irreconcilable.

For each false expectation, I offer a corresponding helpful principle that will allow you to properly understand that author’s intent in light of the context and literary genre. My hope is that these principles will help you as you read and study God’s Word.

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