Is It Suspicious That Jesus Only Appeared to His Followers?

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Published on 09/21/2022

Greg responds to the idea that we shouldn’t trust the testimony about Jesus rising from the dead since the testimony came from his followers, shares a listener’s thoughts on Christians defending themselves, then answers questions about James vs. Paul and praying to the Son and Holy Spirit.


  • Commentary: Is it suspicious that Jesus only appeared to his followers? (06:00)
  • Commentary: A response to Greg’s thoughts on Christians defending themselves (16:00)
  • How would you respond to someone who said James’s understanding of justification was different from Paul’s because his was the earliest epistle and he didn’t yet understand? (29:00)
  • Is it appropriate to pray to the other persons of the Trinity? (50:00)

Mentioned on the Show

  • Reality Student Apologetics Conference – September 23–24 in Orange County, CA; October 14–15 in Seattle, WA; November 11–12 in Minneapolis, MN; February 24–25, 2023 in Dallas, TX; March 24–25, 2023 in Philadelphia, PA; April 21–22, 2023 in Augusta, GA

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