Is It Impossible for There Not to Be a God?

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Published on 06/19/2020

Greg responds to questions about whether it’s impossible for there not to be a God, why he would declare secular moral theories are false, Adam’s belly button, libertarian free will, salvation in all denominations, and the fine-tuning argument.


  • Would you say it’s not possible for there not to be a God? (00:00)
  • Must the God that exists be your God? (25:00)
  • Why would you declare secular moral theories are false? (30:00)
  • Did Adam and Eve have a belly button? (37:00)
  • What is your view of determinism as opposed to libertarian free will? (39:00)
  • Do people of all denominations go to Heaven? (45:00)
  • The fine-tuning argument is like shuffling cards and getting a random combination. (48:00)

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