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Is a Sex-Change Surgery the Same Kind of Thing as Fixing a Cleft Palate?

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Published on 02/02/2024

Greg talks to Tim Barnett about the release of his new book, The Deconstruction of Christianity, then he answers questions about why a sex-change surgery isn’t the same kind of thing as fixing a cleft palate, which kinds of weddings we shouldn’t attend, and Jesus’ limitations as an infant.


  • Interview: Tim Barnett on the release of his new book (00:00)
  • Is a sex-change surgery the same kind of thing as repairing a cleft palate? (09:00)
  • Commentary: Which kinds of weddings should we not attend? (30:00)
  • When Jesus was an infant, was he limited to only the knowledge and wisdom an infant would have, or was there a part of him that existed outside the limitations of an infant? (40:00)

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