Inconsistency Isn’t Always Inconsistent

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Published on 02/26/2012

Greg talks about how inconsistency isn’t always inconsistent, dolphin rights, then takes calls on if it is always immoral to employ illegal aliens, if God tells Samuel to deceive, and more.


  • Commentary: Inconsistency Isn’t Always Inconsistent
  • Commentary: Dolphin Rights?
  • Is it always immoral to employ illegal aliens?
  • Did God tell Samuel to deceive?
  • Are there good arguments for morality without God?
  • Is God against the pursuit of knowledge?
  • Can a Jew be a Christian and remain a Jew?
  • Do infants who die go to Heaven?
  • How can a professional counselor integrate arguments for the true God into recovery counseling?
  • Should we wait for God’s leading before making a decision?
  • What about the appearance of morality in animals?