How to Assess Christianity

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Published on 02/24/2023

Greg explains that we can’t assess the church’s legitimacy by the way the world reacts to it, then he answers questions about who, according to 1 John 2, is an antichrist, our relationship to time after death, why people use the term “Calvinism” but not “Arminianism” in a derogatory fashion, and more.


  • Commentary: How to assess Christianity (00:00)
  • Is John calling everyone who rejects Jesus a liar and an antichrist in 1 John 2:22–23 (even Dennis Prager), or is he referring to specific people? (08:00)
  • Is it a sin to work at a supermarket where cigarettes and alcohol are among the goods that are sold? (19:00)
  • Are people who have died waiting in time for the resurrection, or are they in the presence of God outside of time? (29:00)
  • Why is it that people use the term “Calvinism” in a derogatory fashion, but I’ve never heard anyone speak of Arminianism that way? (44:00)
  • What does the reference to Jeremiah in Hebrews 8:11 mean when it says there will be no need to teach a neighbor or brother to “know the Lord” in the New Covenant? (51:00)

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