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How Should You Measure Your Intimacy with God?

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Published on 02/11/2014

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about how you should measure your intimacy with God, the contradictory values held by young people, how the the church should address young vs. old earth, and more.


  • How Should You Measure Your Intimacy with God? (0:00)
  • What are the top three selling points for using apologetics? (0:25)
  • Should Christians divide over the issue of divorce and remarriage? (0:44)
  • The Contradictory Values Held by Young People (1:00)
  • How should the church address young vs. old earth? (1:22)
  • How does biblical stewardship apply to the environment? (1:44)
  • Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? (2:00)
  • How should one deal with a professor who loves Bart Ehrman? (2:10)
  • Advice on when to speak up (2:25)
  • Why can’t Christians believe in an old earth? (2:43)

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