Sexuality and Gender

How Should We Respond to Pride Month?

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Published on 06/10/2022

Greg reflects on the strangeness of designating a month to celebrate some people’s sexual appetites, then he answers questions about a tactical way to address pride banners in the workplace, Exodus 21:22, whether it’s a violation of 1 Corinthians 5 to be a pastor in the United Methodist denomination, and more. 


  • Commentary: How should we respond to Pride Month? (00:00)
  • What’s a tactical way to talk to my bosses about not putting up pride banners in our workplace? (09:00)
  • Can you respond to this interpretation of Exodus 21:22 that differs from yours? (23:00)
  • Am I violating 1 Corinthians 5 by being a pastor in the United Methodist denomination? (39:00)
  • When Jesus speaks in the Gospels, is he speaking to the Jews specifically or in a more universal way to all people? (47:00)

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