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How Muslims Miss Christmas

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Author Alan Shlemon Published on 12/22/2017

Muslims are going to miss Christmas this year. I don’t mean they won’t celebrate on December 25. Rather, they’ll miss what Christmas is all about - when the Word (the second person of the Trinity) took on humanity.

Remember, Muslims do believe in Jesus. They believe He’s a man, a mere mortal like Moses or Mohammed. Although they call him a prophet, they don’t believe He has a divine nature, is the Son of God, or is the second person of the Trinity. In fact, they reject the Trinity altogether. This is a massive theological difference from Christianity.

The Muslim version of Jesus turns out to be the worst case of mistaken identity in all human history. That’s because Islam has a meritorious-based system of salvation. A Muslim’s ability to get into heaven is evaluated on the weight of their good and bad deeds. That’s not good news. By denying the God-man Jesus, Muslims miss out on the meaning of Christmas. God becomes man, lives the perfect life that we couldn’t live, and dies as a substitute for us. He does for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves. That’s what makes Christmas so merry.

This month is a perfect opportunity to tell our Muslim friends the story of Christmas. Since Jesus already holds an esteemed position in Islam, we already have a head start. Muslims believe He exists and plays a major role in their faith. We just need to show them how the Christmas story is something worth rejoicing about.