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How Many Ancient Copies of the Quran Exist?

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Published on 05/31/2024

Guest Host: Alan Shlemon

Alan answers questions about ancient copies of the Quran, an intersex person unintentionally entering into a homosexual relationship, whether Deuteronomy’s apostasy law is the same as Islam’s, and how to respond to companies during Pride Month.


  • Do you know how many ancient copies of the Quran exist? (01:00)
  • How would you advise an intersex person who fears their parents may have chosen the wrong sex for them and is worried about unintentionally entering into a homosexual relationship? (25:00)
  • Is the law in Deuteronomy 13:6–10 about putting apostates to death the same as the law of apostasy in Islam? (36:00)
  • How should we respond to sports teams, coffee shops, etc. during Pride Month? (51:00)

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