Author Greg Koukl
Published on 07/23/2018
Christian Living

How Do I Develop a Passion for the Bible?

Greg shares how to make Bible reading more than a chore.


There’s no guarantee to develop a passion for reading the Bible, but here’s a trick that will help.

There’s no question that one of the most important things to stabilize our life as a Christian and ambassador for Christ is regular, thoughtful, productive times in Scripture, in God’s Word, because the Word continues to remind us of what reality is like. Now, I understand that sometimes that can be a chore, and people don’t have a passion for that kind of thing.

Now, I cannot guarantee that you’ll ever have a passion for this. Some people do, some people don’t. But I have an idea how it could become more enjoyable, or maybe easier, and it’s something that I do myself for this reason. And that is, I have a plan. If you’re going to be a follower of Christ, it is critical that you take the whole counsel of God in on a regular basis.

Wow, you mean the whole Bible? Yes, I mean the whole Bible. On a regular basis? Yes, I mean on a regular basis. And specifically, I mean that we need to be in the practice of reading through the entire scriptures and then starting all over.

Now many people have a Bible through the year kind of deal, or Bible in a year, you can google that idea, and you can get forms that will allow you to check off what you’ve read. That’s what I do. And, I don’t do it in a year though. It might take me two years, it might take me three years, but I’ll just tell you, it becomes much more satisfying for me to be able to work through the entire thing in a progressive way and check off the days and the reading assignments as I go along, okay.

Does that mean I have a passion for the Word? Not necessarily. Sometimes I’m passionate, sometimes I’m not. I still need to have regular meals from the Word of Life. And that’s one way that you might practice to help you do that more effectively.