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How Can We Discern Truth in This Divided World?

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Published on 05/14/2021

Greg talks about his current Solid Ground series then answers questions about discerning truth when sources differ wildly, demons influencing Christians, a possible inconsistency in condemning Amazon’s book banning, and submitting to authority.


  • Commentary: The current Solid Ground series (00:00)
  • What’s your advice for discerning truth in a world where people have such wildly different understandings of what is happening? (11:00)
  • Can demons really influence us? (22:00)
  • Are we being inconsistent if we criticize Amazon for not carrying books they disagree with if we support the right of bakers not to bake cakes they disagree with? (39:00)
  • Is there any exception to the command to submit to authority? (47:00)

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