Horus on the Old Testament Law

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 11/23/2014

Okay, I can’t resist this. Remember Horus Ruins Christmas? Well, he’s back with a devastating argument against Christianity he learned on the internet.

The response to Horus in the video takes a somewhat different approach from what we generally talk about here. For example, while we would say that the moral law still applies in that it accomplishes the things mentioned in the video for Christians today (and I would add that it also reveals God’s nature to us), we wouldn’t say that it applies in virtue of it being part of the Mosaic Law (though perhaps Lutheran Satire wouldn’t either). But you’ll definitely find it interesting, not to mention entertaining. It explains well (or as well as it can in such a brief format) why Christians no longer are under a covenant that includes any of the ceremonial aspects of the law that were contained in the Mosaic Covenant. You can read what Greg has said about this issue here.