Has Science Buried God?

Author Tim Barnett Published on 05/18/2016

As I travel around speaking, the vast majority of the questions I get have to do with the intersection of science and faith. Has science made miracles impossible? Is there any scientific proof for God? Is faith in God a blind leap in the dark? What about evolution? How old is the earth?

Some people see no compatibility between science and faith. For example, last September, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss wrote an article in The New Yorker titled “All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists.” In the article, Krauss writes, “This commitment to open questioning is deeply tied to the fact that science is an atheistic enterprise.” He goes on to say, “It’s ironic, really, that so many people are fixated on the relationship between science and religion: basically, there isn’t one.... It’s inevitable that it [science] draws people away from religion.”

It is no surprise that many people view science as a gosptacle. They don’t think you can believe in science and rationally believe in God. In part two of my Answering Gosptacles series, I take this challenge head-on. I demonstrate how a biblical understanding of faith is compatible with science. In fact, there are a number of places where modern scientific evidence points towards a Creator and Designer of the universe. Therefore, science should strengthen your faith rather than destroy it.

You can watch the entire presentation here.

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