Hard Word vs. Native Intelligence

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Published on 12/09/2012

Greg discusses hard word vs. native intelligence, book recommendations for gifts, then takes questions on what atheists have to prove, if believing in the Trinity excludes people from Christianity, and more.


  • Commentary: Hard Word vs. Native Intelligence (00:00:00)
  • What do you do when your church seems to be compromising on homosexuality? (00:23:37)
  • What do atheists have to prove? (00:33:34)
  • What do other religions believe? (00:43:54)
  • Commentary: Book Recommendations for Gifts (00:56:02)
  • Does saving the life of the mother negate pro-life logic? (01:04:28)
  • How do you argue for doing the greater good rather than the lesser evils? (01:12:58)
  • Use of the “sibling rivalry” tactic (01:25:30)
  • How do you answer someone who believes in “Mother God”? (01:34:49)
  • Is getting a sex change operation immoral? (01:42:29)
  • Doesn’t believing in the Trinity exclude people from Christianity? (01:55:52)
  • The length of six days of creation and God’s rest (02:10:28)
  • What was the thorn in Paul’s flesh? (02:21:41)
  • The Trinity isn’t three persons because one is a spirit. (02:36:01)
  • Would you save 500 embryos or a five-year-old? (02:44:15)