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God and Sandy Hook

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Published on 12/17/2012

Greg talks about childrearing from the Bible, God and Sandy Hook, myths about the First Christmas, and more.


  • Commentary: Childrearing from the Bible (00:00:00)
  • Wisdom about witnessing at Christmas time (00:21:48)
  • How do you deal with apathy about the issues? (00:32:39)
  • How do you evaluate near death experience claims? (00:48:18)
  • Commentary: God and Sandy Hook (00:57:43)
  • Can theistic evolution explain a historical Fall of man? (01:23:08)
  • Can we know precisely what the image of God in man is? (01:45:09)
  • Commentary: Myths about the First Christmas (01:55:37)
  • Can you suggest tactics for conversation with family over Christmas? (02:08:34)
  • Were the Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament inserted after the fact? (02:25:35)
  • How do you respond when someone says they’re offended by your belief? (02:39:30)