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Gary Habermas: Witnessing to Atheists

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Published on 08/02/2009

Greg talks about witnessing to atheists with Gary Habermas, advances in I.D. research with Alan Shlemon, then takes calls on advice to witness to Mormons, taking verses out of context, what makes the “New Atheists” tick, and more.


  • Guest: Gary Habermas - Witnessing to Atheists
  • Guest: Alan Shlemon - Advances in I.D. Research
  • Advice to witness to Mormons.
  • Taking verses out of context.
  • What makes the “New Atheists” tick?
  • Does the Big Bang conflict with Genesis?
  • Problems with what Luther believed?
  • Apologetic arguments.
  • Christianity requires presuppositions to make sense?