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Frank Turek: CrossExamined Instructor Academy

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Published on 05/29/2011

Greg talks about vacation tales, CrossExamined Instructor Academy with Frank Turek, then takes calls on if it is appropriate to pray for celebrities, how to respond to people who disregard a good argument, if criticism is inherently unloving, and more.


  • Commentary: Vacation Tales
  • Guest: Frank Turek - CrossExamined Instructor Academy
  • Is it appropriate to pray for celebrities?
  • How do you respond to people who disregard a good argument?
  • Is criticism inherently unloving?
  • Is the Rapture a Biblical doctrine?
  • How do you deal with doctrinal disputes in a congregation?
  • How do we know the Old Testament is accurate?
  • Is it appropriate for Christians to pledge allegiance to a national flag?
  • Is Islam a belief system or a religion?
  • How do you explain to someone who uses Christian language for unbiblical ideas?