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Frank Turek: CrossExamined Instructor Academy

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Published on 04/05/2009

Greg talks about a review of the Craig-Hitchens Debate, CrossExamined Instructor Academy with Frank Turek, then takes calls on who created the Creator, if an atheist can prove the non-existence of God, and more.


  • Commentary: Review of the Craig-Hitchens Debate
  • Guest: Frank Turek - CrossExamined Instructor Academy
  • Who created the Creator?
  • Can an atheist prove the non-existence of God?
  • Hitchens won the debate.
  • Hitchens’ demeanor.
  • Challenge to identifying modern-day miracles.
  • Solution to textual problem in Matthew’s genealogies.
  • Is abortion murder?
  • Can you prove there’s only one God?
  • How does one know they believe something?
  • Tactical answer to caller.
  • Identify a Bible verse about Solomon.