Frank Turek: Cross Examined Instructor’s Academy

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Published on 04/08/2014

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg and guest Frank Turek discuss the Cross Examined Instructor’s Academy, then Greg answers questions on if the age of accountability is consistent with election, the professor’s ploy, and more.


  • Guest: Frank Turek - Cross Examined Instructor’s Academy (00:00)
  • Is the age of accountability consistent with election? (00:23)
  • How do we perceive objective reality when all we have is subjective interpretation? (00:46)
  • Tolerance and Inclusivism at Mozilla (01:00)
  • What is the Protestant view on contraception? (01:32)
  • Is there any place for free will in Reformed theology? (01:44)
  • The Professor’s Ploy (02:00)
  • What is the fulfilled prophecy in the Bible? (02:25)
  • If God wants all to be saved, why aren’t they? (02:40)

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