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Five Things to Look for in a Christian College

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Published on 01/22/2021

Greg talks about five things to look for in a Christian college, then he answers questions about universalism, a “too high” view of Scripture, whether Jews and Christians worship the same God, your culpability if a friend uses something you made in pagan ceremonies, and when a fetus becomes a human being.


  • Commentary: Five things to look for in a Christian college (00:00)
  • Is it better to not exist ever or to exist and be condemned? (17:00)
  • Is it possible to have too high a view of Scripture, where the human element is not considered at all? (28:00)
  • Do Christians and Jews worship the same God? (33:00)
  • Am I culpable if a friend of mine is using an axe I made for him in pagan ceremonies? (43:00)
  • At what point is a fetus a human being and not just a clump of cells? (47:00)
  • Is it a problem that the church our church is renting space from rejects biblical truth? (53:00)

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