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Expect to See This Argument against Religious Freedom

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 04/11/2015

Based on Frank Bruni’s New York Times article “Bigotry, the Bible, and the Lessons of Indiana,” wherein he says “how easily” the “very traditions and texts that inform many Christians’ denunciation of same-sex relationships...can be [and are being] understood in a different way,” it sounds to me like the argument that may soon be taken up against our religious freedom will go something like this:

Some Christian churches endorse homosexuality and same-sex marriage, therefore homosexuality and same-sex marriage are compatible with Christianity. Therefore people who oppose homosexuality and same-sex marriage aren’t really motivated by their religion; they’re motivated by bigotry. And since their opposition doesn’t have its basis in religion (but only in bigotry), therefore we aren’t required to protect their “freedom” to teach and act in accordance with those beliefs.

Watch for it.

(See responses to Bruni’s article by Rod Dreher and Owen Strachan.)