Sexuality and Gender

Exodus International Is Closing

Author Alan Shlemon Published on 06/21/2013

I was saddened and surprised to hear that Exodus International is closing down. For over a decade, I’ve benefited from their conferences, teachers, and insight. I’ve also referred many people with unwanted same-sex attractions to them. Since Exodus boasted the largest network of agencies providing therapy, they were one of my first go-to organizations when I needed to connect people to a trustworthy ministry.

During the last year, however, I’ve been hesitant to recommend Exodus to others. I read Exodus blogs and heard their staff say things that I wasn’t comfortable with, theologically. I noticed that people who I respected were leaving or distancing themselves from the organization. The closer I paid attention to what was going on, the more I sensed things were amiss.

I’m not privy to all the details surrounding Exodus and its leadership. I’m not writing to point out their mistakes. I’m more interested in looking to the future with Restored Hope Network (RHN). This is an organization that sprung up last year that I believe will serve to meet similar needs that Exodus once did. In fact, several of the board and staff that left Exodus years ago started RHN. They all seem to be theologically sound.

Their mission statement reads: “Restored Hope is a membership governed network dedicated to restoring hope to those broken by sexual and relational sin, especially those impacted by homosexuality. We proclaim that Jesus Christ has life-changing power for all who submit to Christ as Lord; we also seek to equip His church to impart that transformation.”

Be sure to also read their press release responding to the closure of Exodus.