Dr. Paul L. Maier: The Constantine Codex

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Published on 09/25/2011

Greg talks about deconstructing Sam Harris’s articles, if the Pint-Sized Preacher is preaching, then discusses the Constantine Codex with Dr. Paul L. Maier, then takes calls on what the definitions are of theism, agnosticism, and atheism, and more.


  • Commentary: Deconstructing Sam Harris’s Article
  • Commentary: Is the Pint-Sized Preacher Preaching?
  • Guest: Dr. Paul L. Maier—The Constantine Codex
  • What are the definitions of theism, agnosticism, and atheism?
  • What is an appropriate Halloween costume for Christian children?
  • How do you teach the history of early man consistent with the Bible?
  • Should a Christian be rebaptized into a specific denomination?
  • What is the unforgivable sin?
  • Wheaton College doesn’t teach theistic evolution.