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Dr. Frank Beckwith

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Published on 01/15/2006

Brett Kunkle talks about applying a Christian worldview to sports, guest Dr. Frank Beckwith, then takes calls on values being imparted by coaches for good or ill, sports being at odds with Christian values, and more.


  • Commentary: Applying a Christian Worldview to Sports
  • Guest: Dr. Frank Beckwith
  • Values are imparted by coaches, for good or ill.
  • Sports is at odds with Christian values.
  • God created things for us to enjoy.
  • Some Christians are focused on minutiae and ignore the big things.
  • What would you ask Kate Michaelman about abortion?
  • Responding to homosexuality activists in the public square.
  • Suggested resources for a Christian to go deeper?
  • How does the Christian worldview carry over into the political sphere?