Does God Make up Morality on a Whim?

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Published on 02/04/2022

Greg follows up the last episode with a few more comments on prophets and false prophecies, then he answers questions about teaching older people tactics, Genesis 6:24 vs. 7:23, whether God “turned his back on Jesus” during the crucifixion, and whether the Euthyphro dilemma shows that God makes up morality on a whim. 


  • Commentary: Prophets and false prophecies (00:00)
  • Is there any special approach we can take as we teach tactics to older people who are interacting with younger people who have radically different worldviews? (03:00)
  • Does Genesis 6:24 say the Nephilim were on the earth before and after the flood, and does this contradict 7:23? (23:00)
  • Did God really “turn his back on Jesus” during the crucifixion? (27:00)
  • Does John 6:51–60 prove the Catholic view of the Eucharist? (38:00)
  • Does the Euthyphro dilemma show that God makes up morality on a whim? (49:00)

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