Author Tim Barnett
Published on 08/12/2019

Do Science and the Bible Conflict?

Tim explains what kind of book the Bible is and how it relates to science.


The Bible is not a science textbook. It’s not a science textbook. And that’s a good thing because those things get updated like every couple years, right? It’s not a science textbook. You won’t find the equations for special relativity or quantum mechanics inside it because it’s not that kind of book. The Bible was written for a different purpose. But listen, when the Bible touches on issues that relate to science like the origin of the universe that Frank looked at or the origin of life that we just looked at, it can be trusted. It can be trusted. Why? Because listen, it’s been confirmed over, and over, and over again. In fact, there has never been a more exciting time to be both a Christian and a scientist. Friends, science has not disproven the Bible, far from it. Science has helped confirm the Bible in many places. You can trust the Bible, and more importantly, you can trust the One who wrote it.