Do All Babies Automatically Go to Heaven?

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Published on 04/29/2022

Greg answers questions about whether Zaccheus’s statement about giving back four times as much as he stole supports the idea of reparations, the biblical evidence that babies go to Heaven, where we go immediately after death, the Christology of George MacDonald, and how to evangelize someone who’s been hurt by Christians.


  • Does Zaccheus’s statement that he would give back four times as much as he stole support the idea of reparations? (01:00)
  • Is there biblical evidence that all babies automatically go to Heaven? (11:00)
  • Do people go to Heaven immediately when they die, are they in a holding place, or are they simply in the grave? (21:00)
  • Can you elaborate on the Christology of George MacDonald? (33:00)
  • How can I evangelize my brother who thinks, after being mistreated by people in the church, that there’s no redemptive power in Jesus? (46:00)

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