Disagreement Is Not Oppression

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Published on 05/31/2023

Greg talks about the relatively new idea that we can be oppressed through others’ ideology, then he answers questions about whether Christian fellowship is simply brainwashing, the need for epistemological certainty, whether the Bible requires 100% certainty, and why God isn’t as self-evident as 2+2=4.


  • Commentary: Disagreement is not oppression. (00:00)
  • Does the fact that we derive encouragement and psychological benefit from gathering with other believers show we are simply brainwashing ourselves? (23:00)
  • Should I feel so obligated to truth that if I can’t have epistemological certainty, I should abandon my faith? (29:00)
  • When studying apologetics and philosophy, it seems as though 100% certainty is unachievable, but does the Bible require 100% certainty that God exists? (42:00)
  • Why isn’t the truth of God’s existence as self-evident as the mathematical equation 2+2=4? (37:00)

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