Did Jesus Make a Mistake? John 7

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Published on 03/29/2009

Greg talks about if Jesus made a mistake in John 7, Obama’s ESCR moral mistakes, then takes calls on how we know if the Bible was compiled correctly, if there is a humanitarian justification for ESCR, and more.


  • Commentary: Did Jesus Make a Mistake? John 7
  • Commentary: Obama’s ESCR Moral Mistakes
  • How do we know the Bible was compiled correctly?
  • Is there a humanitarian justification for ESCR?
  • A dilemma may refute the moral objection to ESCR.
  • Resolving a Bible difficulty.
  • Can evolution explain morality?
  • God told me there are contradictions in the Bible on purpose.
  • Different approaches to interpreting the Bible.
  • How do you deal with a conflict over definitions?