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Denis Prager: Reality vs. Religion?

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Published on 03/28/2010

Greg talks about Brian McLaren’s “New Kind of Christianity” with Kevin DeYoung, reality vs. religion: the modern upper story leap, reality vs. religion with Denis Prager, then takes calls on how to prove an attribute of God’s to a non-Christian, when and how Adam was created on an old earth view, and more.


  • Guest: Kevin DeYoung - Brian McLaren’s “New Kind of Christianity”
  • Commentary: Reality vs. Religion: The Modern Upper Story Leap
  • Guest: Denis Prager - Reality vs. Religion?
  • How do you prove an attribute of God’s to a non-Christian?
  • When and how was Adam created on an old earth view?
  • How do you answer claims of Bible contradictions by Bart Ehrman?
  • Disagree on take on the Executive Order on funding abortions.
  • If materialism is true, then can God recreate us on the Day of Resurrection and will us to be the identical person as before?
  • Death before the Fall is wrong theologically and scientifically.