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Deconstructing News Stories

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Published on 03/11/2014

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about deconstructing news stories, selecting a Christian college, if a Christian should help non-Christians clarify their world views, and more.


  • Deconstructing News Stories (00:00)
  • Analogy for why same-sex marriage is wrong (00:23)
  • Are Christians brainwashed? (00:33)
  • There are problems with eternal suffering in Hell. (00:47)
  • Selecting a Christian College (01:00)
  • Does 1 Cor. 2 teach against apologetics? (01:19)
  • Why is it wrong to redefine marriage when we redefine other things? (01:33)
  • Should you help non-Christians clarify their world views? (01:43)
  • What should you do if you think you’re not one of the elect? (02:01)
  • Did Jesus’ divine nature perfect His human nature? (02:12)
  • How do you talk with someone who thinks the age of the earth is a central doctrine? (02:25)
  • How do you understand Jesus’ comments to Nicodemus? (02:38)
  • How do you discuss having been adopted with your children? (02:42)
  • How do you distinguish between the Devil doing something and the flesh doing it? (02:48)

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