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Courage to Engage the Culture

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Published on 02/04/2013

Guest Host: J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace talks about courage to engage the culture, fighting over Genesis 1, Apologetics.com Canada with Andy Steiger, Why Do You Believe That with Mary Jo Sharp, and more.


  • Commentary: Courage to Engage the Culture (00:00:00)
  • Are there apologetics curricula for parents and children? (00:18:09)
  • Can we compare ending life at the end with abortion? (00:39:25)
  • Commentary: Fighting over Genesis 1 (00:55:38)
  • Guest: Andy Steiger, Apologetics.com Canada (01:15:03)
  • Are there similarities between the Mormon and Roman Catholic doctrines of justification? (01:30:32)
  • Can we know anything about God without the Bible? (01:46:55)
  • Guest: Mary Jo Sharp Why Do You Believe That? (01:53:20)