Conversation with a Waiter

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Published on 11/19/2012

Greg talks about having a conversation he had with a waiter, how to explain genocide in the Old Testament, then takes calls on if loyalty is Biblical, answering a theistic evolution challenge, and more.


  • Commentary: Conversation with a Waiter (00:00:00)
  • Is loyalty Biblical? (00:24:11)
  • How do you identify objective moral values? (00:45:18)
  • Commentary: How to Explain Genocide in the Old Testament (00:56:11)
  • Do atheists embrace irrationality? (01:24:07)
  • Is it possible for other moral issues to outweigh abortion in voting? (01:36:12)
  • Advice to start a campus apologetics group (01:53:03)
  • Does suicide affect someone’s salvation? (02:11:26)
  • Answering a theistic evolution challenge (02:18:21)
  • Does God’s election cancel out free will? (02:35:44)