Christmas Suggestions

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Published on 12/10/2014

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg gives some Christmas suggestions, then talks about ethical implication of torture, how to answer a question about same-sex marriage tactically, why we should pray if God provides all we need, and more.


  • Christmas Suggestions (00:00)
  • For moral freedom, do agents have to be able to do otherwise? (00:25)
  • How do you maintain humility when your goal is to reach more and more people? (00:39)
  • Advent Devotions (01:00)
  • Is God morally free? (01:07)
  • What are the ethical implications of torture? (01:19)
  • How to answer a question about same-sex marriage tactically? (01:41)
  • Tolerance and Intolerance (02:00)
  • Should Christians observe the Old Testament feasts? (02:07)
  • Why pray when God provides all we need? (02:28)

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