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Christianity Is Out of Step with the Culture

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Published on 03/04/2022

Greg talks about focusing on key issues with non-believers and responds to the idea that Christianity is passé, then he talks to callers about the nature of morality, pastors who own multimillion-dollar homes, a pro-choice meme, whether Christians should avoid promoting satire, and whether self-defense and/or the military is okay for Christians.


  • Commentary: Don’t make your task harder than it needs to be; Christianity is out of step with the culture. (00:00)
  • Was morality created by people over time? (16:00)
  • What’s your view on pastors owning multimillion-dollar homes? (32:00)
  • Is it better to respond to a snarky pro-choice meme on social media or leave it alone? (40:00)
  • Given how sensitive and prone to offense people in our culture are, should we not share posts by the Babylon Bee? (46:00)
  • Is self-defense and/or the military okay for Christians? (52:00)

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