Change of Circumstances or Change of Heart?

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Published on 01/07/2015

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about discerning the difference between change of circumstances or change of heart, if lusting is adultery and therefore grounds for divorce, new research supporting the “gay gene”, and more.


  • Change of Circumstances or Change of Heart? (00:00)
  • Does the Reformation affect how we interpret the Bible? (00:23)
  • Is lusting adultery, and if so, is it grounds for divorce? (00:38)
  • What about the new research supporting the “gay gene”? (01:01)
  • What do you think of online ordination to perform a wedding ceremony? (01:24)
  • How do you convince a Roman Catholic that praying to Mary and saints is not Biblical? (01:38)
  • No Resolutions, New Habits (02:00)
  • Have you ever witnessed to Dennis Prager? (02:20)
  • Are the standards for elders in the Bible standards to attain or to pursue? (02:39)

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