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California Judges Can No Longer Be Affiliated with Boy Scouts

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Published on 01/28/2015

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about California judges no longer being able to be affiliated with Boy Scouts, implications for the Christian worldview if sentient life was on other planets, if there would be a problem with humans marrying Neanderthals, and more.


  • California Judges Can No Longer Be Affiliated with Boy Scouts (0:00)
  • The Danger of Politicizing the Medical Profession (1:00)
  • Would discovering sentient life on other planets have implications for the Christian worldview? (00:27)
  • Would there be a problem with humans marrying Neanderthals? (00:45)
  • Can I continue being a Boy Scout leader for a troop that’s pushing to allow gay leaders? (00:52)
  • What’s the difference between a formal pastor and someone who’s just doing faithful ministry? (01:11)
  • Is it ethical for Christians to attend a wedding they don’t approve of? (01:21)
  • How can the biblical qualifications for leadership be absolute if Paul didn’t meet them? (01:30)
  • Do you agree that Calvinism is “universal, divine, causal determinism”? (01:36)
  • What do you do to be disciplined and productive? (01:50)
  • Productivity - part two of previous question (02:00)
  • Should you question your salvation if you can’t identify the moment you were regenerated? (02:20)
  • Were the Canaanite children saved? (2:31)
  • How do you keep apologetics conversations from straying off the key point? (2:44)

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