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Brian Godawa: Oscar-Nominated Movies

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Published on 02/28/2010

Greg talks about biblical expectations for relationship with God, Oscar-nominated movies with Brian Godawa, then answers questions on what the difference is between inerrancy and infallibility, abortion rates being greater than reported and could go up, and more.


  • Commentary: Biblical Expectations for Relationship with God
  • Guest: Brian Godawa - Oscar-nominated Movies
  • What is the difference between inerrancy and infallibility?
  • Abortion rates are greater than reported and could go up.
  • Is there a liability on how quickly pastors are trained?
  • When does life begin?
  • Understanding 1 Cor. 14:2
  • Is it biblical for women to teach or be pastors in the church?
  • Christianity is subjective and irrational.