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Brett Kunkle: Summit Ministries Student Conferences

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Published on 04/15/2014

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg and Brett Kunkle discuss Summit Ministries Student Conferences, then Greg talks about how to deal with legalistic Christians, how to tactically start a conversation in a barber shop, and more.


  • Guest: Brett Kunkle - Summit Ministries Student Conferences (00:00)
  • What do you think of the movie “God’s Not Dead”? (00:21)
  • How do you deal with legalistic Christians? (00:34)
  • Does sin nature require that we sin? (01:00)
  • How does virtue ethics fit with Christianity? (01:24)
  • How to start a conversation tactically in a barber shop? (01:47)
  • Why Was the Tomb Empty? (02:11)
  • How does the Old Testament law apply to Christians? (02:22)
  • God desires all to be saved. (02:33)
  • Is the Trinity in contradiction to the doctrine of divine simplicity? (02:42)
  • Annihilationism is not unorthodox. (02:52)

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