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Brett Kunkle: STR Student Website

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Published on 02/14/2010

Greg talks about his reflection on 20 years on the radio, Tony Blair lectures the pope on updating church teaching, Roman Catholic church celebrates Darwin and evolution, STR student website with Brett Kunkle, then takes calls on why the Levitical law against homosexuality applies but not other laws, and more.


  • Commentary: Greg Reflects on 20 Years on the Radio
  • Commentary: Tony Blair Lectures the Pope on Updating Church Teaching
  • Commentary: The Roman Catholic Church Celebrates Darwin and Evolution
  • Guest: Brett Kunkle - STR Student Website
  • Why does the Levitical law against homosexuality apply but not other laws?
  • The Roman Catholic church is trying to encourage people to think for themselves and not rely on their authority.
  • Is opposition to same-sex marriage equivalent to opposition to interracial marriage?
  • Is homosexual inclination sin as is the act?
  • How can you believe that Galilean?
  • What do you think of hepatic structures in the Bible?
  • Why is there no documentation of Jesus’ early years?