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Bobby Maddex: Salvo Magazine

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Published on 08/23/2009

Greg talks about if Jesus was a myth and responds to objections, potpourri of comments, Salvo Magazine with Bobby Maddex, then takes calls on God not being able to sin because of his omniscience, how we know the snake is Satan rather than a metaphor for temptation in Genesis 3, and more.


  • Commentary: Was Jesus a Myth? Response to Objections
  • Commentary: Potpourri of Comments
  • Interview: Bobby Maddex - Salvo Magazine
  • God can’t sin because of his omniscience.
  • In Genesis 3, how do we know the snake is Satan rather than a metaphor for temptation?
  • How do you stay informed without watching T.V.?
  • Philosophy of mind question.
  • Alternative evidence for the historicity of the New Testament accounts.
  • Does the Bible support rationality and logic?
  • Why don’t you call heresy for what it is?
  • What are the reasons to leave a church and not to leave a church?
  • Is Jesus’ divine nature consistent with being fully human?
  • What does “evangelical” mean?
  • Christianity makes people unscientific.