Before a Hostile Audience

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Published on 10/15/2014

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about speaking before a hostile audience, his view on surrogacy, what Hebrews teaches about eternal security, and more.


  • Before a Hostile Audience (00:00)
  • Challenge Greg on his view on surrogacy (00:23)
  • Houston Subpoenas Churches and Pastors (01:00)
  • Can believers lose their salvation? (01:09)
  • Tribute to Gretchen Passantino (01:32)
  • What does Hebrews teach about eternal security? (01:34)
  • Are the only moral acts those that glorify God? (02:01)
  • How do we apply the Bible today when it wasn’t written to us? (02:17)
  • What about the Rapture? (02:33)
  • How to respond when someone says they’re “called”? (02:42)
  • How to study philosophy without going to school? (02:48)