Are there Moral Limits to “Let God Be God”?

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Published on 11/26/2012

Greg talks about if there are moral limits to “let God be God,” free speech ruling, then takes calls on how to deal with other cultures’ ancient flood accounts, where faith comes from, and more.


  • Commentary: Are there Moral Limits to “Let God Be God”? (00:00:00)
  • How do we deal with other cultures’ ancient flood accounts? (00:25:50)
  • Is it Biblical to eat animals? (00:48:30)
  • Commentary: Free Speech Ruling (00:58:15)
  • Is cessationism Biblical? (01:21:29)
  • Why didn’t God start over after Adam and Eve? (01:40:56)
  • Damage done by feminism (01:47:47)
  • What is a Christian response to Israeli-Palestinian conflict? (01:57:24)
  • Where does faith come from? (02:06:49)
  • What is the Biblical response to political leaders we think are bad leaders? (02:19:14)
  • Was Jesus’ torment on the cross equal to the torment of sinners in Hell? (02:32:26)
  • What did Christians do for daily devotions before the Bible was widely printed? (02:39:35)