Answering Tough Questions Tactically

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Published on 03/11/2012

Greg talks about answering tough questions tactically, fishing and slogans, cultures and morality, then answers caller questions about if the Mosaic Law is perfect, if temptation comes from the devil or our flesh, and more.


  • Commentary: Answering Tough Questions Tactically
  • Commentary: Fishing and Slogans
  • Commentary: Cultures and Morality
  • Is the Mosaic Law perfect?
  • Does temptation come from the devil or our flesh?
  • Is Molinism determinism?
  • Morality is a social construct.
  • How do you arrive at inerrancy?
  • How do you explain morality?
  • How do you make end-of-life decisions while respecting a human’s intrinsic rights?